• 3P logistics offers integrated logistics services and solutions of storage, management and distribution of merchandise that, through a specialised information system and a competitive human talent, seeks to satisfy and exceed market expectation and to grow with our clients.

2. Vision

  • To be recognized such as one of the most important logistics integrators of the sector, differentiated by quality, efficiency, innovation and client’s satisfaction.

3. Quality policy

  • 3P logistics satisfies their clients’ requirements by providing trustworthy, safe and appropriate services, ensuring the continuous improvement through the permanent development of its staff, the constant technology update and the customer service.

4. Objectives

-Customer service

  • Our clients, internal and external, are our main priority. For this reason we take care of your concerns clearly and at the appropriate time, developing new communication channels.


  • Guarantee that your merchandise will always be in the best hands, without missing or damages.


  • We provide services in the time required by customers.


  • Our processes must be always a continuous improvement.


  • Every employee is properly prepared to develop our function.


  • We accomplish our promise that customer satisfaction is the most important.



The strategic plan is based on the importance that the service quality has, on the logistics efforts, in order to achieve the set objectives for the organisation.
We also integrate the reduction concepts of time and cost in the logistics operations services to clients, in order to differentiate ourselves from competitors.
The strategic plan is used to confront the market challenges successfully.



manosOur efforts are focused on providing a totally flexible service to adjust ourselves to your needs.

We offer a personal treatment because every client has different logistics needs and thus get that the service quality would be excellent.

Advice: we help our clients through a free study in order to say which is the best and the most economic option based on their decisions in the handle, storage and freight area.

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reverse_logisticsEqually important is to plan and distribute the product as the possible returns, the obsolete products recovery, the packaging materials and the recoverable merchandise return, both for its reuse and its destruction.

Through reverse logistics, we provide you the necessary and required resources management to control and recover the assets, to improve the management and the savings of administrative times.


Reverse logistics services:

  • Recall and collection of finished products in the house of our client.
  • Returns processing.
  • Receipt, classification, verification and management of returned products.
  • Exchange of “dead on arrival” products.
  • Classification of materials for its possible destruction.