Depot Real Benlloch, S.A. Mission

Our vocation is:

• To be the reference company in the logistics sector
• To serve our CUSTOMERS in an agile and flexible way
• To expand with a wide and distinguish offer of SERVICES

Our objectives are:

• To get the CUSTOMERS satisfaction
• To be WORTHWHILE and productive in COSTS.

Our commitment with:

• PEOPLE and their development, appreciating their effort, participation and implication with the work well done
• PROCESSES and TECHNOLOGY and their continuous update and improvement

With all this we will contribute to guarantee a business activity that will benefit everybody.

Depot Real Benlloch, S.A. Vision

• We aspire to be a service company.
• Operational efficiency model.
• Composed by integrated people and highly qualified who feel proud and comfortable of belonging to Depot Real Benlloch S.A.
• Protruding for our flexibility and adaptability.

Depot Real Benlloch, S.A. Values.

• Results orientation
• Client orientation
• Respect and support to people
• Availability, dedication and commitment with work
• Autonomy, creativity and implementation capacity